About Us

Coperta BV is a business enterprise, functioning as an agency and subcontractor. We are active in the branches of graphic industry, business gifts and leather goods.

Most of our products are semi finished products and supplies for archiving and organizing. Our customers are mostly from the graphic industry. They are large manufacturers of books, agendas and diaries, bibles and other paper articles. When they need fine leather or PU covers to sell their products, they find a reliable and expert partner in Coperta.

The manufacturing of Coperta’s goods takes mostly place in China, yet we deliver more than European quality. We guarantee the quality by visiting and supervising the factories almost every month. By keeping the cost of labour and overhead low, we are able to offer attractive and competitive prices. Besides that, we ensure continuity by doing business with various factories. This way, we do not depend on one location of production.

Coperta BV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce, no. 02087644.